• Clutch Pressure Plate:YM21-7563-CA


  • Clutch Disc:SE01 16 460

    SE01 16 460

  • Clutch Disc:MR331948


  • Clutch Pressure Plate:MN171120


  • Clutch Disc:ME520756


  • Clutch Pressure Plate:ME500540


  • Clutch Disc:ME500185


  • Clutch Disc:MD802180


  • Clutch Disc:MD802120


  • Clutch Pressure Plate:MD732565



        Hejian Sairui auto parts factory is a professional manufacturer engaged in automobile clutch production. Our factory is located in Hejian City, Hebei Province, with superior geographical location and convenient transportation., Our factory is committed to the research and development of automobile clutch assemblies of various models. Based on the needs of users, we continue to develop and grow. Now our factory has more than 50-80 senior engineers, professional technicians and various production personnel, with a fixed capital of more than 10 million yuan and a production scale of nearly 500000-800000 pieces (sets) / year. It has become one of the largest professional manufacturers of automobile clutch in China.

        The main products of our factory are micro car, car and light and heavy truck series clutches, among which the market share of micro car series clutches is among the best in China. Our factory passed the ISO9000 quality system certification in 2001 and is now carrying out the ISO / TS16949 certification. All product indicators have reached or exceeded the domestic industry level...[more]


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